Philipp Hermann makes music for films yet to be made. His melodic piano pieces project a constant flow of images into the heads of his listeners. Closing the eyes, you can literally smell the salty sea breeze or the mild summer evening. Memories and dreams are rising from muffled depths into awareness, black and white keys paint deep blue sounds. The intimate live concerts of the congenial curly-head leave the audience with a warm feeling inside.

19 years old, when leaving his city of birth Dresden (Germany), Philipp was looking for his path in life. His search brought him to Québec (Canada) where he spent six years living and studying. Quite possibly it is this stay and the cultural experiences he made there that influences his music to evoke the melancholy of French movies. Back in Germany, he now devotes himself to developing his own musical voice and writes music for solo piano and beyond.

With the pieces of his new “stories – the daedalus project”, he explores the power of stories and dares to dive deeper than ever into his artistic self.